Route planner and Google Maps

Normalmente se cree que, para tener un planificador de rutas eficiente, se necesita un programa informático de alto presupuesto. Sin embargo, puedes tener la solución aquí mismo, en tu smartphone u ordenador. Basta con abrir Google e ir a su apartado Maps.

We are talking specifically about its route planner function and, relatively recently, adding stops to that path. It's not exactly new because it was created in 2016, but it can be of great use for delivery routes.

Tips for using the route planner

If you want to know how to get the most out of this familiar route planner, here are the tips that may be useful:

1. Set departure time or arrival time.

Most users who open the application create their route based on the actual time. However, Google Maps also gives us the option to change the date of departure or arrival, giving us room to start planning and arrive on time.

This proves to be very advantageous to get more information about certain roads and highways on which we may encounter setbacks more frequently. Apart from the fact that all possible routes are known in advance by means of the route planner.

2. Use several stops

Not only can routes be created from point A to point B, but it is possible to add multiple stops along the way and optimize in the process.

Although this function is widely used by tourists who want to make a customized tour, it is also very useful for transport and logistics. In this way, additional drop-off and pick-up stops can be added to generate the best delivery route.

3. Consult regular or real time traffic

Once the route is prepared, additional information may appear that can be very helpful. The traffic consultation on the routes may be one of the most useful tools of this application.

The traffic level is colored from green (very little traffic) to dark red (a lot of traffic) to better interpret the main routes and other alternatives.

Thanks to it, you can consult the traffic of the streets both with the data that estimate the usual and in real time. In this way, you receive information about traffic jams and blocked roads so that you can easily react to these setbacks.


4. Watch the weather forecast

Among the other possible inconveniences that you may encounter during the delivery is bad weather such as rain and snowfall. Although your smartphone informs you about it in a simple way, Google Maps also gives you the possibility to consult it.

It should be noted that the weather forecast appears only when searching for a particular town or city and not a specific address. Besides that we can see the weather forecast for the following days if we click on its weather icon and it will redirect us to the search engine, with the information mainly provided by


5. Share or send routes to the cell phone

Without a doubt, it is an essential addition to be able to send these routes to carriers and other qualified personnel. In this way, you will have control literally in your hands and have a look at the level of traffic.

However, we must take into account that it only allows us to send these schedules to our own mobile connected to our own Google account. In case we want to send it to other people, we will have to click on Share.

If you want to create a completely customized route adapted to your needs, it is advisable to customize it through the desktop version of Google Maps. The mobile version has certain limits and does not allow you to share this type of routes.

Google Maps vs Hedyla

Mientras que el planificador de rutas de Google Maps está pensado para usuarios individuales y funciona bien como navegador, el optimizador de rutas de Hedyla viene con muchas opciones y más idóneas que te ayudaran a planificar tus rutas mejor.

By simply uploading an excel file to the program, you can calculate all the routes that need to be done on a particular day. It will also take into account all types of constraints you may have such as carrier schedules, delivery times, number of vehicles, etc.

However, Google Maps also functions as an additional tool for carriers' navigation, thanks to the fact that it warns of external factors that may be inconvenient, such as traffic congestion.

Punctuality and forecasting are very important to cover deliveries, therefore, these technological tools will help you manage and plan routes.

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