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At Hedyla we are thrilled to share the exciting details of our participation in the Salón Internacional de Logística (SIL) 2023 in Barcelona. For three intense days we have had the privilege of being part of this important event for the logistics and handling sector.

This year SIL 2023 celebrates its 25th anniversary, and once again we set up our stand to showcase the latest innovations and demonstrate our products and services last mile routes and TMS-transport software. It has been an exceptional opportunity to present our solutions and show how we help improve efficiency in the supply chain.

But our participation was not limited to the exhibition of products. We had the honor of giving a talk at the booth of the Port de Barcelonawhere we share success cases that have transformed the logistics operations of two large companies: Vila Viniteca and Mahou San Miguel. We were also joined by Julio Pazos, director of logistics operations of Mahou San Miguel and Ricardo Magán, manager of new business development and marketing of Mahou San Miguel. Taisa Logisticsthe beverage company's logistics operator.

SIL2023 - casos de éxito Hedyla

One of our outstanding success cases is that of Vila Viniteca, a renowned wine and spirits distribution company. Working in close collaboration, we developed a solution to optimize their delivery routes. The implementation of our software allowed Vila Viniteca to reduce transportation times, minimize associated costs and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction. We are proud to have contributed to their operational efficiency and competitive position in the market.

Another success case we presented was our collaboration with Mahou San Miguel, a leading company in the beer sector in our country. Together, we developed a logistics node optimizer that has revolutionized their supply chain. Using advanced algorithms, our software determines the location of logistics nodes, considering factors such as demand, transportation costs and delivery times. Thanks to this solution, Mahou San Miguel has improved its operational efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring an agile and effective distribution of its products.

SIL2023 attendees were able to learn about our solutions through live demos.

In addition to sharing these success cases in our talk at Port de Barcelona's booth, we conducted demonstrations at our own booth. SIL 2023 attendees were able to experience first-hand our last mile solutions and TMS-transport software, and see how our technology can streamline and optimize logistics processes, improving the efficiency and profitability of companies. Many companies have participated in these sessions and the interest has been growing throughout the fair.

SIL2023 - demo TMS Hedyla

Our participation in SIL 2023 has been a testament to our continued commitment to innovation and driving the logistics industry forward. We are proud of our focus on process optimization and the delivery of customized solutions, which has positioned us as a benchmark in the industry.

There is no doubt that our presence at the event has been an invaluable opportunity for professionals and companies in the sector to learn about the capabilities and benefits of our products and utilities. We thank all those who visited our stand and shared their enthusiasm for logistics optimization. We continue to work hard to drive innovation and help companies take their logistics to the next level.

SIL2023 - equipo Hedyla

From Hedyla we would like to thank all of you who have visited our stand to be interested in our products or to say hello, to the SIL organization and Fira de Barcelona and above all to the Hedyla team that has been at the foot of the cannon these three days that will surely be unforgettable.

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