5 solutions for carriers to make their job easier

One of the most critical moments in logistics is the transport of goods in which we try to operate with the least possible inconveniences to achieve the objectives successfully. Also carriers are a key part of this process with many setbacks, therefore, it is important to find solutions for carriers.

The most common problems drivers encounter are often beyond their control and their main causes are overwork and lack of proper management. If you want to know the keys to help carriers in their delivery and driving management, take note!

Optimize routes

Carriers often work against the clock to get deliveries to loading and unloading centers on time, especially those over long distances. It usually takes a lot of work to organize all the destination points to save time. In addition, both freight managers and carriers have strict work schedules and limits on their vehicles, making organization even more difficult.

Therefore, a route optimizer plays an important role in finding the most efficient route possible taking into account the various constraints and characteristics of the load, the vehicle and the driver himself. That is why it is one of the most useful solutions for carriers.

Communicate in real time

On the road and in cities, many types of mishaps can occur despite a well-defined route and optimized loading. All this work would be in vain if good real-time communication is not maintained.

Thanks to the digitization of the industry, more carrier solutions have been developed that keep staff in touch and can instantly send messages about the status of the delivery. From supply chain delays to traffic restrictions and outages, everyone involved in the process must be informed of any unforeseen events and create strategies to avoid them as much as possible.

Upgrade vehicles

Given the increasing restrictions in cities and on highways regarding the circulation of a certain number and type of vehicles, it is time to consider such solutions for carriers as alternatives that meet the requirements of the environmental label.

Among the vehicles that will not pose a problem in the face of the bans are trucks that use clean fuels such as electricity, gas and hydrogen. In addition, if the fleet is of a certain age, a new model such as trucks without mirrors will be easier to operate than a significantly older one.

Connecting to a wide carrier network

With increasing technological advances being added in the industry, including artificial intelligence, it is much easier to find solutions for carriers such as requesting the services of a driver in the right place at the right time through a good optimized transport network.

That is, when a freight company requests a driver, the closest options to the same carrier and coinciding with their route will appear, greatly facilitating their work. In addition, it is a sustainable action to reduce empty kilometers.

Reduce waiting times

Another of the problems most carriers encounter are the infamous waiting times in which dozens of drivers are held up waiting to load and/or unload their merchandise. The reasons for such a common problem are usually due to the following:

  • Lack of workers in the area of loading and unloading management
  • Lack of organization of the timing of its logistics structure

One of the solutions for carriers that can be applied within companies is the use of slot and schedule management technology to help their organization minimize waiting times. In addition, it is essential to review what is going wrong in the whole system and change these parts so that the effort pays off.

Although they are generally overlooked, carriers play a very significant role in the processes of a company and in society: they ensure that the goods reach their destination, whether it is the last mile or the raw materials.

At Hedyla we look for ways to save time and costs in logistics operations. For this, we take into account one of the most convenient solutions for carriers as the route optimizer to help them solve these daily problems in their working day.

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