Looking ahead to 2022

This 2021 has been a year full of uncertainties in which we have not yet left the pandemic behind. Even so, the logistics sector is still booming and digitalization is one of the key points for companies in the sector to be able to respond to this growth. We are learning from all this and our commitment to adding value in logistics software is undoubtedly being reinforced.

2021 has been a year of many changes at all levels. The team has grown and consolidated, we have doubled the number of clients, we have launched two new products on the market, we have achieved the turnover targets set at the beginning of the year and we have obtained financing, both public and private, for a total amount of €1.1M, which allows us to continue improving and providing a differential value to our clients.

A continuación vamos a explicar con un poco más de detalle algunos puntos clave para ir mirando hacia el 2022:


First of all, I would like to congratulate the entire team, because thanks to each and every one of us we have managed to do our bit to take logistics to the next level. We already have a solid base that will continue to grow with the incorporation of new profiles that will allow us to continue improving. We started 2021 with 4 people and today we have 14. It is a significant increase in staff and we could not be more proud of what each of us brings to Hedyla. We are a great team, without a doubt. Here you can get to know us a little better.

The Hedyla team

"Technology is a key aspect, both for Hedyla and for our customers, but still the main value remains in people, both logistics professionals and our team, who are the ones who really make the difference."

Andreu Araque - CEO at Hedyla


Our customer base has doubled. In addition to those we already had in 2020, we have also added companies such as Punto Culminante 06, Bodegas Torres, Alemany SA, Froxá, Elias Selecció, Areatrans, Logística Tándem, Apliclor and Taisa Logistics

In 2022, we expect to continue helping our clients to achieve their challenges and objectives, and thus continue to expand the number of companies with which we collaborate.

"Our future outlook is to become the leading logistics cloud platform. We want to be the intelligent modular solution that allows companies to optimize and save in all those areas where their management software doesn't reach."

Guillem Muñoz - CTO at Hedyla


The engineering team has worked hard this 2021 and this is reflected in the results of the products so far developed entirely by Hedyla. Improvements have been made to the existing product for last mile route optimization and two new products have been created in conjunction with our customers:

  • Last mile: we now have a large number of new use cases; stability and performance have increased; reports are now more detailed; chat between driver and planner is now available; the product now has real-time GPS and the driver app is also available.
  • TMS (Transport Management Software): the customer can now manage both loads and carriers, as well as documentation, fleets and invoicing. The mobile version for drivers is now also available. 
  • Optimization of logistics nodes: scenario simulation software focused on operational decision making, such as manufacturing, storage and transportation of products, to generate theoretical scenarios of greater efficiency and cost savings in the supply chain. This project has been carried out in collaboration with one of the largest manufacturers in Spain, Mahou - San Miguel.

In 2022, the team will continue to create new functionalities that will allow our customers to continue to gain efficiency and stand out technologically from their competitors.

"This 2021, together with our customers, we have demonstrated that it is possible to improve logistics processes through a combination of technology and industry expertise. During this new year, we will continue to go further, in a world in which logistics is becoming increasingly important."

Ismael Rodríguez - Engineering Manager at Hedyla


Hedyla has participated in many events and conferences. We have been present in some as exhibitors (e-Show, Tech4Fleet) and speakers (4YFN, BNEW, Cluster Digital, BigML...) and in others as visitors (Expo Food Service, Logistics & Automation, Smart City Expo...) In addition this year we are part of Clúster Digital, Barcelona Tech City, CEL, Upteck and we will also be partners of the French Chamber of Commerce and DCA (Comunitat d'Intel-ligència Artificial de Catalunya). These are opportunities to meet other partners and find synergies between us.

Many events are still remote or hybrid. On the one hand it is a very positive aspect because it allows us to participate and meet many interesting companies and people, but on the other hand we also love face-to-face events where the contact is more direct and personal. We hope that in 2022 the trend will continue and we will be able to attend even more face-to-face events.

"A period of opportunities is coming and companies must take them to survive in an increasingly turbulent environment. Digital transformation is and will be key during the coming years, and from Hedyla we will do our best to add value and help our customers in the digitization of their logistics processes."

Ferran Lavilla - Sales Manager at Hedyla

This year 2022 is full of projects and goals to achieve. We will continue to give our best to grow and build loyalty with our existing customers and satisfy the needs of those who will come. That is why we want to end by thanking them, because without them, we would not be here.

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